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Oficina G3

Tantas coisas pra pensar, tantas coisas pra lembrar,
Algumas coisas pra sorrir, muitas outras pra chorar.

Quem vai ouvir, a minha voz?
Quem vai enxugar as minhas lágrimas? Quem?

Tantas coisas pra vencer, tantas coisas pra esquecer,
Não há forças pra lutar, falta coragem pra encarar.

Afinal, Quem?

Favorite songs (1)

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This is the first post in english.
I will review my post about Tourniquet song, If I was there.
Here are the lyrics:
If I Was There.

The musical part of this song is amazing and very beautiful, the sound of the acoustic guitar played by Ted and Aaron is great.

This song makes me think a lot, it’s lyrics are inspired by the following Bible references:
Isaiah 64:4 e 53:2-4, Luke 23-24, John 1:29.
The main theme of this song is describe in Luke, the Crucifixion of Christ
There are two parts of the songs that touch me more.
The first and the last part of the song:

“I close my eyes and think about Calvary
I see it happening right in front of me
the back that bore the whip, the head that held the crown of thorns
what if I was there
would I even care, would I even care
or would I only stare?”

“I close my eyes and think about Calvary
I see it happening right in front of me
two criminals were there-with one on either side of Him
one hurled insults and one believed-and one believed
which one am I?”

Ted K had such inspiration to write this song.
God touched me so many times when listening to it or thinking about it.
Quando escuto essa música, eu também me imagino lá.
Fico me perguntando se eu teria acreditado nEle? Se eu seria mais um xingando e gritando “Crucifica-o!” ou “Barrabás!”
E acabo me ligando, que na verdade, eu fui o causador de tudo. Eu preguei aqueles pregos, eu coloquei aquela coroa.
Se eu não fosse pecador, Ele não precisaria estar naquela cruz.
Eu coloquei os pregos nEle, sendo que eu deveria estar ali.


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Soon I will begin to write post also in english.
As an exercise and also due some visits from US, UK, and other coutries.